The Best Karaoke Bars in Chicago, Illinois - Unleash Your Inner Singer!

Are you ready to let your inner singer shine? Look no further than the Windy City! Chicago is home to some of the best karaoke bars in the country. From private rooms to late-night karaoke, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a place to belt out Cardi B songs or show off your bagpipes, here are the top karaoke bars in Chicago, Illinois. Louie's Pub is the perfect spot for a night of singing and dancing with friends.

This karaoke bar offers 18 private rooms, each equipped with a flat-screen TV, sofas, and access to a snack menu. You can sing karaoke every night of the year (except Christmas) at Trader Todd's, a Lakeview classic that's often packed with birthday parties and coworkers. Brando's Speakeasy is a great spot for those looking to show off their vocal skills. With over 300,000 songs in their catalog, you'll have no problem finding the perfect tune.

Plus, daily drink specials make it easy to get your liquid courage before taking the stage. Korean bar food and karaoke make for an ideal Saturday night at Green Light Pub. Fill your stomach with seafood pancakes, fried rice with kimchi, tteokbokki and copious amounts of soju before showing off your vocal skills. The place offers private rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people and even discounts on alcoholic beverages for birthday celebrations. Murasaki is another great spot for Japanese whisky and traditional small plates.

Plus, they have an exclusive private karaoke room with 10,000 songs in English and 130,000 songs in Japanese. Doors don't close until 4 in the morning at Wicker Park's popular watering hole, making it the perfect spot for late-night karaoke. Live music, an extensive beer menu and a backyard are the main attractions most nights, but on Thursdays amateur singers take over the venue from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lincoln Karaoke is a popular karaoke bar located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.

This spacious bar offers private rooms for groups to sing their hearts out to a large selection of songs. Sakura Karaoke Bar is a hidden gem located in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood. The bar offers private karaoke rooms for groups of all sizes with a wide selection of songs available in several languages. Plus, they have a full bar menu with a wide range of Asian-inspired drinks and snacks. Punch Bowl Social is known for its good food, strong drinks and lots of games - but did you know they also have private karaoke rooms? Beat your friends at bowling then beat them again at singing! Sidekick's Entertainment Lounge & is another great spot for karaoke in Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood. This spacious bar and restaurant offers a full bar menu with a wide range of drinks and small selection of Korean-inspired snacks. Whether you're looking for private rooms or late-night karaoke bars, Chicago has something for everyone! So grab your friends and head to one of these amazing spots to unleash your inner Mariah Carey or Jon Bon Jovi.

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