What to Wear to Clubs in Chicago, Illinois: Dress Code Tips for Footwear

Are you planning a night out in Chicago, Illinois? Before you hit the town, it's important to know what type of footwear is allowed in the clubs. Most club dress codes have some exceptions for specific types of sportswear, such as polo shirts. However, to protect clients from injuries and themselves from negligence lawsuits, it's in the best interest of club owners to ban work boots. Therefore, to comply with the dress code policies of most clubs and for the safety of other guests, you should not wear work boots in dance clubs. Rain boots rarely figure in dress codes, but they should never be worn in exclusive clubs and lounges.

Sneakers should always be clean, in good condition and complement your nightclub outfit. Printed t-shirts aren't usually specifically prohibited by club dress codes, but they can make the difference between club attire. If you follow these fashion tips for your party attire, you'll be one step ahead of the rest and greatly increase your chances of getting into any club. For a stylish look that won't get you turned away at the door, opt for flat shoes like loafers or ballet flats. They adapt perfectly to the casual and elegant style that clubs like so much, and are never subject to restrictions or dress rules. To learn more about what to wear to clubs, check out my articles: “The Men's Guide to Nightwear” or “The Ultimate Guide to Nightwear for Women”.

I share more secrets from the nightlife industry and tips on how to dress in clubs so you can easily get into the best clubs.

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